identity design

dual impact

Dual Impact is the brainchild of a friend of mine pertaining to startups and pairing them with investors. The mark symbolized the power of combining to arrow shapes and elevating ones impact.

undead network

This was a great college project to design an identty of our own TV network and then pair that with a television bumper. The final logo became a hand raising out of a grave within the "N" letterform. Bottom right shows some of the thinking during the process

team eileen

Team Eileen is a pro bono project for a friend that raises money for Susan G. Komen. We created a brand together to get her important message out there so she could reach her goal of raising $2300.


Gatsby branding came together after doing some research and interviews with the owners/chefs. The two came from extremely different cooking backgrounds that they fused together for an extremely delicious variety of foods. Focusing on the fusion I used two ribbons that intertwine to create the "G" in Gatsby utilizing burger inspired colors.

Later my team and I delivered on a branding style book as well as some branding examples on everything from a food truck to the business cards that reinforced the intertwining ribbons.

Venturing into environmental design I came up with the diner's interior and exterior feel.

other  identity designs