motion graphics

zendesk sales kickoff

Part of the fun was to design the opening sequence/bumper for the event. I was fortunate to work with our really talented Video team who helped us develop this piece.

zendesk customer video

While working with one of the senior sales staff members we hatched a plan to approach customer facing decks slightly differently. We decided to make a run at making a short and fun animated video. The goal was to create something that was fun and painted a stronger image of what Zendesk can provide its perspective clients.

the roadtrip

Above is an ongoing passion project for me. The idea was to test what was possible in Keynote and it developed into the ongoing story of this simple little car traveling the state of California. I developed all of the artwork in Adobe Illustrator and created a bunch of workarounds to get this car moving. After the Keynote files were complete, I have been export them to quicktime videos for social media outlets such as Instagram. Stay tuned for more! Follow me on Instagram @sean_voegeli

arden fair mall identity launch

A 15 second motion graphics commercial launching the new identity for the Arden Fair Mall. Collaborating with their illustrator I pulled the art apart and turned the image into a three-dimensional landscape that launches the brand in a fun way.

kylee's fourth birthday invite

This project was designed to be an invite for my daughter's 4th birthday party. Like most kids, she is obsessed with super-heroes, LEGO's and the LEGO movie so I put together a motion graphics project with her as the star. It all started as hand sketches and moved to the computer where I illustrated all of the super-hero characters. Each character required alternate poses and modified body parts in order to generate the different poses and motion in the work. I moved all of the artwork into After Effects and thats where the magic happened. Happy 4th Kylee!

rolex monterey motorsports reunion commercial

2013 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion television commercial created in After Effects and Adobe Premiere

stockholm syndrome

This was a motion graphics project to be placed in a fictitious museum. I chose to do a project that illustrated Stockholm Syndrome inside a crime museum. I created the artwork in Illustrator and set them into motion using After Effects.