print design

break free poster

A PSA project utilizing letter forms to produce a produce a provocative poster that engages the viewer and provokes change.

blue trees poster

A poster for the Konstantin Dimopoulos Blue Trees event in Sacramento, CA. Konstantin paints trees in various cities blue in order to promote ecological issues around the world. The tree was hand drawn and has a dripping paint look at the bottom.

zoo labs

Zoo Labs is a place where music, entrepreneurship, and technology intersect. They came to me with a need to solve their branding issue initially as they had three separate branches and some minor tweaks to their original logo. I cam up with the contrasting handwritten fonts to nest with the modern and controlled logo. This added tension and played well with their some times off the wall campaigns. Below are some of the works I was lucky enough to be a part of.

I did a variety of print work for zoo labs including this judging guide that helped potential judges by establishing a criteria and to set expectations