Presentation Design

As a Design Specialist at Zendesk one of the first challenges was to create a company-wide presentation template in both Keynote and Google Slides.

The goal was to create decks that would enable the user to spend more time generating slides they were confident with and less time pixel pushing.

Screen shots have always been a challenge for presos, so I created a set of master slides that allowed the user to simply drag/drop.
Each master was designed with the shadows and fingers always appearing on top. This makes everyone look like a Photoshop wizard!

Getting charts and data aligned with brand is always challenging. In Keynote I provided a large set of options that utilized brand colors and were as simple as drag/drop from the top menu.

Icons are always a favorite for presentations and at Zendesk there was a large library established. The problem we faced is that they were all JPEG or PNG images. This limited flexibility and prevented continuity from slide to slide.

Though it took a great amount of jumping through hoops I was able to convert the entire library to live line art. Meaning all icons were customizable in both stroke width and color.

Maps were restrictive and plagued us with requests. Fully customizable maps allowed users to get the work done effortlessly.

Sometimes slide solutions can solve multiple problems. With that I created a set of customizable layouts that allowed users to get a jump start for their ideas.


Occasionally I get called on to do some of the illustration work found around Zendesk. These range from web to print found around the offices.

I'm pretty passionate about line art and these samples are just a few of the fun pieces I was lucky enough to work on.

These pieces made there way through the office via e-mail, actual printed posters, and on some of the flat screen TVs.


Once a year the Sales organization completes a Sales Kickoff event. This is typically a gathering of all of the Sales brass and C-level executive charting the goals and priorities for the year. In 2017 I was at the helm for the event's various presentation, environmental, and various other design needs.

This particular year the event was held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and broadcasted via live stream to offices internationally.

Here is a sample from a recently updated landing page.

The environment consisted of two screens that straddled the main stage. The stage had the RISE wordmark  cut/mounted on the center stage. The furniture was modern to go with the space in YBCA and a nod to Zendesk's Danish roots. Banners and vinyl wrap were mounted in the lobby as well as the event space.

Part of the fun was to design the opening sequence/bumper for the event. I was fortunate to work with our really talented video team who helped us develop this piece.

Customer Video

While working with one of the senior sales staff members we hatched a plan to approach customer facing decks slightly differently. We decided to make a run at making a short and fun animated video. The goal was to create something that was fun and painted a stronger image of what Zendesk can provide its perspective clients. I helped with the storyboard and created all of the vector art while the video team slayed the motion graphics.